• W. Ralph Autry
    Chairman of the Board, Senior Account Executive at Systel Printing Services
  • Shelby C. Hughes
    Exceptional Student Educator at Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public Schools, Sister-in-law of Benjamin Hughes, namesake of Benjamin House
  • The Rev. Toni Wood
    United Methodist Church, Hatteras, NC
  • Osmond Lister
    Behavior Specialist for Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public Schools
  • Fred Moncla, MD
    OB/GYN Physician, Elizabeth City, NC
  • Buck Bunch
    Educator at Perquimans Co. High School & Parent of Resident of Benjamin House
  • Grace Wood
    Retired Episcopal Deacon, Hospice Chaplain, Social Worker
  • The Rev. Chip Broadfoot
    Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, Elizabeth City, NC
  • Beverly S. Godwin
    Retired Educator, Aunt of Benjamin Hughes, namesake of Benjamin House
  • Nancy H. Harris
    Retired Educator
  • N. Kathryn Underwood-Melton, JD
    Ass. General Counsel & Gov. Relations Liaison, Elizabeth City State University
  • Betty Morris
    Parent of Benjamin House Resident


  • Lennie L. Hughes, JD
    Executive Director of Benjamin House, Inc.
  • Jayne Hollowell
    Director of Benjamin House Community Services
  • Lennie Hughes, Jr.
    Director of Benjamin House Residential